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The Lighthouse: Horror film about the guardian of the lighthouse in the past

The Lighthouse is the latest horror film from director Robert Eggers that you can watch on 123 movies,¬†which was released on 18 October 2019. Starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers on duty on a small island in the 19th century. The film was inspired by the last literacy of Edgar Allan Poe that hasn’t even been completed yet, entitled “The Light-House”, about a lighthouse keeper with his dog, Neptune.

This film is the second film by Robert Eggers after The Witch (2015). As a relatively new director, Robert has managed to maintain his trademark by raising folklore. He utilizes modern film technology in recycling folklore that seems old-fashioned with a script that is more dramatic and visually artistic at the same time gruesome.

The Lighthouse has a horror formula that is quite the same as one of the legendary horror films, The Shining (1980). Bringing the audience to see the main character going crazy gradually because it is isolated from humans and forged with extreme natural conditions. If Jack Torrance was isolated in a hotel with a snowstorm, Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake were isolated on an island ahead of the storm that created large waves.

Horror films like this are also minimal with jumpscare scenes that make the audience surprised. We will be treated to horror material that makes us stunned and scared in the silence that makes muscles tense. It makes us wonder; what all the supernatural phenomena that we see in the film are the effects of unhealthy reason or really bad dreams that come true.

Horror material in the film The Lighthouse is taken from various folklore that we can hear from sailors and lighthouse keepers from the 19th century even today. Starting from superstitions about mermaids, gods of Neptune, ruler of the sea, to abstinence from killing certain animals so as not to bring bad luck.

This film does not tell the background of folklore creatures like the film The Witch. But the bad experience of a lighthouse keeper with various folklore horror as a ‘sweetener’ to liven up the uncomfortable and terrible atmosphere in The Lighthouse. As for some natural humor material that will make us laugh, even though the portions aren’t too much.

One of the advantages of this film is the concept of cinematography that uses a 1.19: 1 aspect ratio and black-and-white filter. This concept was chosen to bring the background to the story that was described in the 1890s. This visual film looks very raw and is similar to films produced in the past. Although there are some camera movements with soft panning techniques and modern looks.